Online Scheduling for:

Registration for all youth heart screenings opens 2 weeks before scheduled screening date-

Please follow the instructions listed below:

The Nick of Time Foundation Youth Heart Screen for young people 14-24 yrs old, consists of:

A Heart Health Survey investigating signs and symptoms and family history of a cardiac condition, blood pressure and physical examination, and ECG. The screening process generally takes 40 minutes for each student to complete. An on-site echocardiogram is conducted in cases with a positive finding on history, physical examination, or ECG.  All results are reviewed by cardiologists and sports physicians experienced in cardiac screens.

Integrated screening programs utilizing ECG offer the only model proven to reliably identify children at risk for sudden cardiac death (SCD), and the only model with evidence suggesting early detection can reduce the rate of SCD in young people.

Please download screening forms, fill out completely and return them with student at his/her appointment. We will not be able to screen any student who does not have their completed forms.

Nick of Time Foundation is providing this low cost heart screening for a tax-deductible donation of $25.00. This helps to defer screening costs, and enable future community screening events.

These cardiac tests would typically cost between $125 and $1,500. With your generous support, our screenings are less than a doctor visit co-pay.

Donations are tax-deductible and are required to secure a screening spot.

Just follow these  EASY steps to register your student:

  1. Download Screening Forms
  2. Online Payment– (please enter date and location of screening on the description line)
  3. If your child attends the host school, please schedule appointments directly through the school.
  4. If your child does not attend the host school, email for scheduling instructions.
  5. Appointments will be available to the first 500 students who register.