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Alexander’s Hope

Alexander’s Hope was started after Alexander Chaffey, a seemingly healthy and active 19-year old suffered from an undiagnosed heart condition causing him to have a massive heart attack, flat-line, receive an artificial heart, and eventually, a heart transplant.

During this ordeal, Alexander’s family discovered the dire need for more organs to become available, as well as, the need for young people to be screened for undiagnosed heart conditions. Alexander’s sister, Bella, as well as a handful of very encouraging, generous, helpful and enthusiastic friends, family members, and board members, worked together to create Alexander’s Hope.

Alexander’s Hope has two main focus’s, advocating for and education about organ donation, as well as, partnering with Nick of Time Foundation as a program sponsor to help with their lifesaving EKG Youth Heart Screening Program.

Prior to Alexander’s Hope being introduced to Nick of Time Foundation, Bella and one of Alexander’s surgeons thought about creating a program to screen young hearts. They spoke to some cardiologists at the University of Washington and found out about Nick of Time Foundation. Bella reached out and a meeting was organized between the foundations. After a series of discussions, they quickly realized that the most effective thing to do next was to partner. Nick of Time Foundation was doing exactly what Alexander’s Hope dreamt of and their combined messaging would be more effective in bringing sudden cardiac awareness to the community.

Along with being a program sponsor for Nick of Time EKG Youth Heart Screenings, Alexander’s Hope advocates for organ donation awareness, and is working towards increasing first-time driver’s license recipients’ opt-in organ donation rates.